Samsung LEDs a FEC applied CSP package and a PoC applied CSP package with the illuminated night bridge background (key visual, desktop)
Samsung’s World-Best CSP

Samsung has been developing chip scale package (CSP) technology since 2010, which is recognized as best in the world. We are working to expand the range of CSP applications to the lighting, display and automotive markets through continuous performance improvement and better process stability. Samsung's unique CSP structure ensures top-of-its-class performance and color quality, and will help you produce more reliable products.

Samsung sees CSP as the future platform for LED components and will continue developing and commercializing its CSP technologies.

Samsung LEDs a line gragh that shows Samsung's CSP is reaching a level that can compete with general PKG products
Global CSP Frontier (Pioneer)

Samsung developed and mass produced the world's first Chip Scale Package (FoC) in 2014, and since then has continuously improved light efficiency through introduction of PoC, FEC and other new FoC platforms. In 2017, our line-up has been strengthened by a new product with 200 lm/W, widening our performance lead over competitors. The 200lm/W is a level that can compete with general package products.

Samsung LEDs two CSP packages: one is at the lower level in the graph; and the other that uses a film phospher in the conversion layer is at the higher level
The Difference Samsung Technology Makes

Samsung's best-in-class CSP uses a film phosphor in the conversion layer to reduce surface roughness and offer easy control of thickness with small color dispersion. Its world-best efficiency is due to its unique reflective layer, where we built a denser structure for maximum reflection of light and higher extraction.

Samsung LEDs application areas of PoC versus FEC, differentiated by beam angle
Your Choice – Matching Customer Needs

The advantage of Samsung’s CSP is they allow you to choose the directivity angle. The A series has a divergence angle of 140 degrees and can be used for flood lighting where the divergent light must reach an area’s edges.

The B series can be used for spot lighting as it has a narrower directivity angle at 120 degrees. As can be seen from the experiment results below, direct mounting can reduce, by up to 5.6%, potential optical loss caused by side optical interference.

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