Slimmer Design with Brighter Light

Brighter light with higher efficiency is possible through Samsung LEDs full line-up, realizing size minimization to create sleek designs

Samsung LEDs a side view of slim tv showing seaside cliff

Threshold of Natural Colors

Creates rich and natural colors on the verge of reality using Wide Color Gamut (WCG) technology, minimizing color temperature and luminance fluctuations

Samsung LEDs a bright and slim tv showing natural colors of forest
Display LEDs

Display LED

First Mover in Edge Lighting Display

First ever edge lighting manufacturer and market popularizer maintaining acknowledgement since 2009

Samsung LEDs many layers of edge display LED (thumbnail)
Display LEDs

Display LED

Top Supplier of Direct Light Display

Maintaining its impeccable reputation as creator of direct LED display since 2006, continues to accelerate direct light technology

Samsung LEDs tvs arranged by different viewing angles (thumbnail)