Samsung LEDs a current density-lm/W gragh that shows better performance of flip chip than that of epi-up with the laboratory background (key visual, desktop)
Samsung Flip Chip Technology

Through epi growth and electrode reflection technology, the Samsung Flip Chip has shattered the industry's conventional wisdom that epi-up cannot achieve high efficiency at low currents.

This technology has been applied to our new middle power product releases, which are best-in-industry in terms of efficiency. Samsung continues to pioneer technologies that challenge traditional LED efficiency limits.

Samsung LEDs Samsung's Epi growth technology
Samsung's Growth technology

At Samsung, we have been working on epi technology that can maximize internal quantum efficiency (IQE) by developing a structure that increases the effective active volume of carriers. This new structure has a thinner QB for easier carrier injection, and a thicker QB for greater efficiency of light emitting recombination process within MQW layers. It is the epitome of Samsung's practical experience with epi technology.

Samsung LEDs Samsung's electrode design technology
Samsung's High Efficiency Design

The history of Samsung's electrode design technology has been one of finding the best electrode design and materials to extract a maximum amount of light from the MQW. We have successfully increased reflection up to 96 percent by breaking away from the traditional metal-only structure and adopting a combination of dielectric and metal, that is top-of-the-class and proof of Samsung's technological skills. Combined with epi IQE maximization mentioned previously, this technology is a leading contributor to our success in continuously improving device performance. Samsung is committed to developing technologies that will help us approach 100% reflection.

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