Samsung LEDs a bright and white office lighted up with LED tubes (key visual, desktop)
Luminaires Smaller and Slimmer

The advent of LED technology has greatly increased the potential for flexible lighting design. Recently, luminaires have been getting smaller and slimmer, thanks to developments in LED technologies, including chip scale packages, lens-attached modules, AC operating modules, and small LES COBs.

Samsung LEDs Samsung CSP LED packages (from the left: LM101B, LH231B, LH231B and a grain of rice)
Small and Reliable CSP LED

One of the great advantages of LED luminaires is that they can be designed smaller and slimmer than more conventional ones. For manufacturers, this results in lower costs and greater freedom of design; for consumers, more pleasing aesthetics and installation convenience. Lighting companies these days design and produce increasingly smaller and slimmer luminaires, thanks to the development of LED technology.

Samsung’s Chip Scale Package (CSP) LED does not use a plastic mold to enclose the LED package, allowing it to remain tiny. It is also highly reliable with no metal wire to connect the substrate and chip. With the CSP LED, light designers can work at a smaller scale than possible with other LED packages of a similar luminous flux.

Samsung LEDs a simplified cross-section of a LED package consisting of two parts: conventional module on the left, and  Samsung LAM on the right
LAM Series for Wider Illumination

Samsung's Lens-Attached Module (LAM) series features a wide beam angle with a lens attached to each LED package. When an LED module is located too close to the light diffuser, some areas where the light cannot reach may appear dark. Samsung's LAM-applied modules have no dark areas despite the shorter distance between them and a light diffuser as before and allows for light fixtures that are half as thick.

Samsung LEDs top view of Samsung AC Operating Module (ACOM ) engine
ACOM for Compact Design

Samsung’s AC Operating Module engine has an LED driver embedded in the LED module instead of needing a separate power supply. This allows for more compact light fixture designs.

Samsung LEDs three LED packages: Samsung small LES COB
Small LES COB for Compact Spotlight

Samsung's Small LES COB series features a smaller light emitting surface than its predecessors, with a diameter of 6 to 11.5 mm and is suitable for compact spotlight designs with ample central luminance.

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