Samsung LEDs four contrasting images: several pieces of meat under the conventional COB light versus ones under the Samsung premium COB light; and a variety of colorful fruits under the same two conditions. objects under the Samsung's COB light looks more bright and vivid (key visual, desktop)
Vivid LED Lighting Fascinates Consumers

Color is a significant factor in consumer purchasing decisions, which encourages retailers to introduce special lighting in their stores, such as ceramic discharge metal-halide lamps or LED lamps using near-UV.

To aid in attractive store displays without wasting energy or causing any harm, Samsung has developed vivid color LED products through its own comprehensive preference surveys across many demographic groups worldwide.

Samsung LEDs different ambience between two rooms depending on color temperature control: warm for the left, and cool for the right
Intense Color Appeals, Study Finds

This year, the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) published a joint study with Korea's Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology about the effect on object appeal from different lighting saturations. (*Source: NIST website, March 10, 2017)

The experiment was conducted in 2016 in a room with white LED ceiling lighting installed. NIST researchers adjusted the light spectrum in 3 stages to change the object saturation of red, green, and yellow, and studied subject reactions.

The results showed that test subjects had stronger preferences for higher-saturation red and green. Remarkably, the appeal of higher saturation persisted at lower CCT, as is evidenced in the picture below.

Samsung LEDs different object lookings by CRI: fruits on the right (CRI Ra=78) seem more vivid in colors compared to ones on the left (CRI Ra=94)
LED Packages for Better Targeting

Samsung ran extensive lighting preference tests across many demographic groups worldwide in cooperation with a chromatics research institute to develop a new LED package optimized for commercial lighting. The new LED package comes with a variety of options with the most effective combination of phosphors for each of three segments of commercial goods: fashion (clothing), meat and vegetables.

The tests revealed that saturation of a certain color can create a greater attraction among test subjects to meat, vegetables and fashion items.

Samsung LEDs three LED packages: COB D Series
Special Color for Commercial Lighting

Based on the findings, Samsung developed and has released a new “Special Color” COB D-series, a specialty commercial lighting that adds greater appeal to illuminated objects. Retailers can add it to their light fixtures for products that are more vivid and attractive, and enjoy the potential increase in sales and customer satisfaction.

Special Color does not emit any harmful near-UV rays, and instead adopts a color temperature of the most favored 3500K. This temperature creates clearer whites without resorting to fluorescent whitening agents, and gives overall vivacity to object colors.

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