Samsung LM561B LED Package Completes LM-80 Testing for High Lumen Maintenance


SEOUL, Korea – October 29, 2013 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. announced today that the Samsung LM561B, a high-efficacy mid-power LED package has successfully completed 6,000 hours of LM-80 testing. LM-80 is a widely observed industry test for lumen maintenance developed by the Illuminating Engineering Society and leveraged by voluntary programs such as the U.S. Energy Star program.

“Through the LM-80 standard testing, we have affirmed that our LM561B package is an outstanding mid-power solution optimized for premium LED lighting applications that demand high efficacy and reliability,” said Bangwon Oh, senior vice president of LED Lighting Marketing, Samsung Electronics. “We expect that our LM561B product lineup will be even more widely accepted for a variety of LED applications with these results.”

Samsung LM561B completed 6000 hours of LM-80 testing, and among the test results, TM-21 data demonstrated an L70 of 93,000 hours under a 150mA driving current at an operating temperature of 85 degrees Celsius. This means that the Samsung LM561B will maintain at least 70 percent of the initial light output for a minimum of 93,000 hours, which will make the LED light more amenable to applications that require a high level of lumen maintenance.

The Samsung LM561B, which was introduced earlier this year, is designed for LED lighting applications such as LED tubes, LED ambient lighting, downlighting and retrofit lamps, and features 170lm/W light efficacy, which is a six percent higher performance level than previously specified and the highest available efficacy rating for mid-power LED packages worldwide. The LM561B product lineup offers a wide range of color temperatures and comes in three brightness levels, while providing quarter binning to better meet customer design needs.

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