New Ultra-compact Samsung CSP LEDs Deliver Superior Design Flexibility


SEOUL, Korea – Nob 4, 2015 – Samsung Electronics has just announced a 2nd generation of CSP (Chip Scale Packaging) LEDs for use in a diversity of LED lighting applications from ambient light and spotlight, to downlight and bulb lighting.

Using the 2nd generation CSP process allows Samsung LED packages to be even more competitive in raw costs, while achieving greater robustness and reliability with a longer life span, as well as accommodating higher operating temperatures and current.

Samsung’s new CSP (LM101A & LM102A) significantly scales down the size of an LED package, which enables more flexible and compact designs when manufacturing consumer LED lighting modules or fixtures, and lowers the manufacturing and operational costs of a LED lighting system. The CSP LEDs design flexibility includes adjusting the size of the light-emitting surface as well as the luminance level, to meet the differing requirements of lighting fixture applications.

Moreover, Samsung CSP Gen 2 provides higher light quality with an advanced multifaceted coating technology, which covers the top and four sides of an LED package with phosphor. Because of the small form factor and wide beam angle, CSP has higher CBCP (Centered Beam Candle Power) making it well-suited for a wide variety of LED packages.

■ Superior Design Flexibility

Samsung CSP can bring even greater design flexibility by offering added delivery options. In the manufacturing process, 2 by 2 and 3 by 3 CSP arrays can be easily created to suit a diversity of customer needs.

The availability of CSP arrays provides not only more design flexibility, but also better light quality in each LED luminaire through their one-lens design, in which the CSP arrays share a single lens instead of having to use numerous individual lenses for multiple conventional packages.

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■ Certification Support Program

Samsung now provides worldwide certification support to its LED lighting component customers. Since January, the company has established cooperative relationships with certification companies such as Intertek, Korea Testing Laboratory (KTL), TÜV SÜD and the China Certification & Inspection Group Korea (CCIC KOREA) for the US, Korean, European and Chinese markets, respectively. These Samsung partnerships will help to minimize any difficulties that customers could encounter with varying regional certification requirements for lighting quality, safety and power efficiency, as well as simplify complex procedures, reduce time-to-market and ultimately have a positive impact on overall cost. 

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