Samsung Outlines Approach for Smart Lighting at LIGHTFAIR International 2015


SEOUL, Korea May 4, 2015 – Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., announced today that it will demonstrate for the first time, the company’s new open, secure, and connected platform for smart lighting at LIGHTFAIR International 2015, being held in New York, May 5-7. 

Samsung’s smart lighting platform is designed for integration with LED lighting systems in order to easily transform luminaires into smart, digital nodes. This Internet of Things (IoT) platform incorporates processing capabilities, firmware, connectivity and an open architecture connected to sensors for collecting data and creating new applications. Information created by the smart lighting platform can then be aggregated for analysis in order to create new services for cities, communities, building operators, and ultimately all individuals, while further improving energy efficiency, safety and productivity.

Samsung is inviting industry partners to join with the company in the on-going development of the smart lighting platform to encourage and accelerate innovation in smart lighting. The aim is to harness the energy, enthusiasm and creativity of many entrepreneurs and creative minds in order to quickly usher in the benefits of smart lighting. Samsung Electronics' Strategy and Innovation Center (SSIC) and LED Business unit are collaborating to bring advanced technology to lighting solutions.

“The convergence of IOT and LED technologies is adding intelligence to lighting systems and enabling the digital lighting industry,” said Young Sohn, President and Chief Strategy Officer, Samsung Electronics. “Using data analytics we can transform big data into valuable services and benefits such as energy management, maintenance, safety and security, and improved comfort. Samsung’s smart lighting platform will enable our luminaire OEM customers and our ecosystem partners, including sensor providers, analytics specialists, apps and services developers, to simplify and accelerate their ability to go-to-market.”

Indoors or outdoors, lighting is one of the most ubiquitous technologies people interact with every day. As smart lighting systems become integrated into cities, offices and homes, it’s expected that people will realize immediate improvements in energy efficiency, increased quality of life and personal safety.

“One company alone can’t create the world of smart lighting, and industry collaboration is essential to making smart lighting a reality,” said Dr. Jacob Tarn, Executive Vice President, LED Lighting Business Team, Samsung Electronics. “We have been a leader in LED industry innovation for years and now we are very happy to announce our commitment to the smart lighting platform as a critical initial stage of IoT fusion and convergence. We are especially excited about the new possibilities for LED lighting that can be enabled by serving our customers on a smart-lighting-platform basis as we fully utilize Samsung’s core competencies in expanding our business landscape.”

At LIGHTFAIR International 2015, Samsung will demonstrate its new smart lighting platform and showcase the majority of its LED component product lineups at booth #521 in the Jacob Javits Convention Center.

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