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Lighting has become a crucial part of our lives as we spend more time indoors. With Samsung LED, top-tier experts and LED industry leaders gathered to discuss the future of lighting and how we can use it to improve our lives. Join us to learn about how light affects our body and mind, and discover the latest LED technology developed to lead us in a better direction.



Part I: Changes in the Role of Lighting
During Pandemic Era

  • 01

    How Light Affects Our Body

    Light’s impact on our body, problems that are caused by excess or lack of light, and examples of light as a therapeutic tool.

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  • 02

    Clinically Proven Effects of HCL

    Light’s visual and non-visual effects clinically proven awakening and relaxation effects of HCL.

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  • 03

    Intelligent Ways to Use HCL

    Choosing and using the right HCL for various purposes and situations. What is true human-centric lighting?

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  • 04

    Changes in the Role of Lighting During Pandemic Era Q&A

  • Chang-wook Kim

    Professor, Kookmin University

    “I think the best HCL lighting is one that follows circadian rhythm. I think the most advanced form of HCL must use both DAY and NITE lighting and should be automatically adjusted as time passes.”

  • Tae-hwa Han

    Professor, Yonsei Medical Center

    “If there’s too much light, it can disturb our melatonin secretion. In the short run, it could ruin a good night’s sleep. But when this accumulates, it could cast a dark shadow on our health and lead to other illnesses.”

  • Jin-ha Kim

    Principal Engineer, Samsung Electronics

    “Harnessing the non-visual effects of LEDs in a beneficial way for humans is basically what we would define as human-centric lighting.”

Part II: New Possibilities in Human Centric Lighting,
Samsung DAY & NITE

  • 01

    Transformation of Lighting as Society Changes

    Human-centric lighting trends, various attempts and efforts to make HCL universal.

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  • 02

    A Case of Innovative HCL Product – “Olly” Alerts You Like a Cup of Coffee

    Differences between existing light therapy products and “Olly,” which uses Samsung HCL Solution.

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  • 03

    HCL Market Outlook and Applicable Areas

    The future of lighting, including the HCL market forecast and various places where it can be used.

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  • 04

    New Possibilities in Human-Centric Lighting, Samsung DAY & NITE Q&A

  • Jung-mo Kang

    Head of Research, KTC

    “We’ve been seeing human centered lighting growing more prominent as a keyword in the lighting market. Although applications for HCL will continue to evolve over time, in the near term, I think there are clear use cases for schools, offices, and hospitals.”

  • Yong-duk Kim

    CEO, Luple

    “Our goal is to solve the problems arising from technological advances by paradoxically introducing superior technologies to improve our quality of life. Olly is our first product that reflects this philosophy.”

  • Young-sam Park

    Principal Engineer, Samsung Electronics

    “The color and effect of the light that we need often clash and we’ve become accustomed to accepting this… 302N has the advantage of providing both the color and effect you want.”

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