LpS Digital Awards 2020

Lighting 2020-09-23
Lps Digital Awards 2020 Logo
The LpS Digital Awards were presented as a part of LpS Digital Live Event, organized by LED-professional. Top 6 companies with the highest number of views among a few online product presentations were selected as winners in this year.
An illustrative image of Samsung's horticultural lighting LEDs against an image of vertical farming.
Samsung Full Spectrum Horticulture Lighting Portfolio

Samsung’s full-spectrum-based horticultural lighting LEDs encourage healthier and more balanced plant growth by stimulating photosynthesis, enhancing plant immunity and increasing nutritional value.
As the sole light source, LEDs for vertical farming must be all about efficacy. Samsung’s LEDs with industry-leading efficacies can lower energy consumption. In addition, the economical initial installation cost and high reliability are ideal for greenhouses.

An illustrative image of Samsung's Human-centric Lighting Solutions against an image of hand covering the light.
Samsung Optimized Circadian Rhythm LED Portfolio

Samsung’s Human-centric Lighting Solutions, the optimized light sources for circadian rhythm synchronization, utilize precisely designed light spectra with proper amounts of cyan to accommodate lighting needs to the extent desired at any given point in time: the LM302N DAY improves alertness and the LM302N NITE enhances relaxation.

The DAY and NITE packages can also be combined into a single luminaire to help people maintain their natural circadian rhythm 24 hours a day. This duo-lighting option is optimal for those who spend most of their time indoors and struggle with confused body clocks.