CES Innovation Awards 2019

Lighting 2018-11-08
CES Innovation Awards 2019
The CES Innovation Awards, sponsored by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA™), honor outstanding design and engineering in brand-new consumer technology products. In this year, there were entries in 28 categories.
Samsung LM302N
Tech for a Better World
Samsung LM302N

The LM302N is the most user-oriented lighting platform available today which can improve work efficiency in achieving day-to-evening continuity, healthy sleep and a more beneficial circadian rhythm 24 hours a day.

It applied blue chips with a 450nm short wavelength and a 474nm long wavelength to differentiate the melanopic/photopic ratio, an index measuring the effect of illumination on melatonin hormone levels in people. The LM302N comprises two types of lighting – one for daylight hours and one for nighttime: LM302N Energizing for alertness, and LM302N Relaxing for relaxation.

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