Elektra Awards 2018

Lighting 2018-12-05
Elektra Awards 2018
The 17-year old Elektra Awards, run by Electronics Weekly, recognizes excellence within the global electronics industry, in 22 categories involving everyone from manufacturers, distributors, designers and individuals to research groups and start-ups.
Samsung LM302N
LED Lighting Product of the Year
Samsung LM302N

The LM302N is the most user-oriented lighting platform available today which can improve work efficiency in achieving day-to-evening continuity, healthy sleep and a more beneficial circadian rhythm 24 hours a day.

It applied blue chips with a 450nm short wavelength and a 474nm long wavelength to differentiate the melanopic/photopic ratio, an index measuring the effect of illumination on melatonin hormone levels in people. The LM302N comprises two types of lighting – one for daylight hours and one for nighttime: LM302N Energizing for alertness, and LM302N Relaxing for relaxation.

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